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Defense Base Act Insurance

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Defense Base Act Insurance


DBA Insurance is a type of workers compensation insurance that protects owners, contractors, and their employees while working on projects outside of the USA.  Are you an employee or employer working outside of the continental US?   Chances are you are required to get DBA Insurance.   Give our friendly agents a call to today to discuss your project.

Who requires DBA Insurance?

-Employees working outside the US

-Employees working on offshore military bases

-Employees working for the US  government outside the US

-Employees working as military  contractor with a foreign country

-Employees of a Contractor or Subcontractor involved in work outside of the US

History of DBA Insurance 

DBA Insurance Act was established in 1941 in order to insure workers on military bases while working offshore the US.   The act was altered to include work such as roads, schools, dams, and bridges abroad.   Now any contract with an agency of the US government, for work outside the US, militar or not will require DBA Insurance.  Info provided by AIG Worldrisk

Why Arrow Pacific Insurance?

Arrow Pacific Insurance is a progressive family run business that provides honest and friendly service.  We care deeply for our clients, employes, community, and our country.  We take the time necessary to understatnd your offshore projects and customize the right insurance to allow offshore project to flourish.  Call us today!

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